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Partner reporting

The Partner reporting section appears when the project is set to the status Contracted.

Users with the project privilege edit for a dedicated partner organisation shall be able to create/edit and submit partner reports.

Further details on the specific sections of the partner reports can be found in following chapters:

General information about the Partner report

Each partner report is based on the data of the currently valid version of the application form (AF). The AF version linked to the partner report is displayed in the overview of the reports.
Whenever a report is created and connected to an older version of the AF, an alert symbol will appear next to the AF version. Ongoing modifications will have no impact on the data in existing reports.

Once a partner report is Certified, the financial data therein contained can be included in a Project report.

It is always possible to delete Draft versions of a partner report. The data in those report cannot be transferred to a new report and will be lost.

The partner reporting section also indicates which partner has been deactivated through a project modification. Partner reports can still be created by deactivated partners. This is to allow reporting on activities and finances up to the moment of withdrawal.

Getting started with a controller

How to get a controller

This depends on the country your organisation is based in. In Sweden, Finland, Ireland, and Iceland the control systems are centralised, whereas in Norway, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands decentralised systems operate. 

In centralised countries, the national controller assigns the controller to each project partner in Jems.
In decentralised countries, each partners’ controller must be approved by the National Controller and assigned in Jems. The national controllers will introduce the controller to the task. 

If you are ready to submit a partner report, please contact your national controller to have a controller assigned/approved. The list of national controllers is available below at this link

How to verify if a controller has already been assigned to a partner organisation

When a controller is assigned to a partner, this appears in the Project Privileges section in Jems. 

The orange chip “No controller institution assigned” turns grey and displays the name of the institution assigned to the partner.

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