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During control

When a partner report is being verified by a controller, the status changes to "Control ongoing".

During control, the partner cannot view the work performed by the controllers, but can access the Control work section in order to exchange communications and files with the controller.

It is also possible that a partner report is returned to the partner. In that case the partner report status will change to "Reopened".

Below you can find instructions how to exchange with the controller while the report is being verified.

For information about how to access and what is possible to change in a reponed report, please check the relevant section.

Control Communication

Partners could be requested to clarify or submit additional documentation to the controllers. This request may come via email to the partner, and/or in the “Control Communication tab”.

To access the Control Communication tab:

  1. On the Dashboard, click on your project row.

  2. Select your partner organisation from the Partner reports menu on the left-hand.
    The list of partner reports will appear on the screen.

  3. Scroll to the right until the button “Open controller work” appears.

  1. The Control communication tab will appear.
    If there are no communications, the screen will appear empty.
    If a communication item has been added, it will appear as an uploaded file.

    1. To view the file, click on the arrow and download the document.

    2. To upload a file, click on “Upload file”. Click on the pencil icon to add a description, this will allow a faster processing by the controller.

Jems v.8 sneak preview

  • It will be possible to access the partner report and control communication tab directly from the Dashboard, in the My Partner Report overview table.

  • When an item is uploaded or deleted in Control Communication tab, a notification will be sent to the partner. It will be possible to access the Control Communication tab directly copying the link in the notification message.

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