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The Contributions section is where partners follow-up on the contributions they receive from external organisations. This is a cumulative section, which records amounts received and indicated in each report and adds them up in following reports.

Who should fill in this section?

All partners who receive an external contribution need to report it in this section.

Click on “+” to insert information about the match funding received. Type the source of the contribution, select the legal status, add the amount and, if relevant, upload documentation.

When the source of contribution is not identical to the one in the Application form, the partner should immediately inform the Lead Partner and Joint Secretariat. A warning message will appear upon submission of the report.

What happens by the end of the project?

By the last partner report, the external contributions reported should not exceed the partner contributions foreseen in the application form.

Should the external contribution exceed the total partner contribution as foreseen in the application, the NPA grant will be reduced accordingly. 

Furthermore, for state aid granted under GBER Article 20, the aid intensity limit of 80% needs to be respected (see section 2.10.1 on Direct aid granted under GBER in the programme manual) , whereby any change in contribution that would bring the aid intensity of the partner above the 80% threshold would not be allowed (se section 4.4.4 on Major changes in the programme manual).

This is in line with the commitment undersigned at the application stage, which foresees that:

  • the partner guarantees that no external contribution have been received that exceed the total partner contribution as listed in the partner budget, and

  • the partner is responsible for covering the loss of match funding in case of unfulfilled payments from a financial contributor listed in the application.

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