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Public procurement

National procurement rules have to be observed for all partners (regardless of legal status) and all purchases. Full documentation of the procurement is obligatory for expenditure to be regarded as eligible.

Even below national and EU thresholds, contracts with external providers shall comply with the principles of transparency, non-discrimination, equal treatment, and effective competition and must be reported in this tab.

Add procurement

Click on + Add procurement to complete the information about a procurement contract.

The Contract Name will be used in the List of expenditure. It is therefore important to indicate a distinct name, so that the procurement can be easily identified in the future List of Expenditure.

Procurement documentation

Information on beneficial owners behind the contractors contracted by the partner organisation needs to be available upon request for procurements above the EU-thresholds (Thresholds As a minimum requirement, the VAT number of the contractor should be registered in the procurement section above. 

If applicable, complete the subcontractor details.

Procurement documentation can be uploaded in the Attachment area in this section.

This section is cumulative, therefore:

  • Regardless in which report a procurement is added, it will appear in all following partner reports.

  • The procurement can only be deleted and edited in the report where it was created.

  • Beneficial owners, Sub-contractors and attachments can still be added in following reports

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