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Partner report Export

In this section it is possible to download data that are part of the Partner report. This section is only partially developed and will become fully functional at a later stage.

There are different plug-ins that allow to export different data from the Partner Report, these are presented further below in this document.

How to export data

  • Click on the arrow to view the list of available plug-ins.

  • Select one plug-in from the drop-down menu.

  • Click on Export to generate the file.

  • The file will be accessible as a download from the browser.

List of Expenditure export

This plug-in exports an excel list of all items included in the list of expenditure.

To export the data, select the plug-in called: Partner report LoE export plugin and click on Export to download the Excel file.

When an item is marked as GDPR sensitive, the column Sensitive data will show value: TRUE.

Partner report export

This plug-in exports a PDF file of the partner report.

To download the file, select the plug-in called: Partner Report export and click Export.

Partner report budget (Example) export - currently unavailable

This currently generates an Excel file including all cost items added in the List of Expenditure.

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