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Partner's work plan progress

In this section, partners describe the progress on activities, deliverables and outputs and indicate if they contributed.

Note that your descriptions will be used to support the eligibility of the expenditure declared in this report, and as a basis for the Lead Partner’s project report.

  • Click on a Work package to complete the information. Use the tick boxes to indicate if your organisation contributed to a certain deliverable and/or output.

  • Use the text field description to give an insight into your work during this reporting period and how it contributed to the delivery of the activities, deliverables and outputs. Insert here any relevant values that the Lead partner needs to report on at cumulated level in the project report.

  • Upload attachments to show progress of your work. It is possible to add one attachment per item which will also appear in the tab partner report Annexes.
    In case multiple files should be uploaded per item, it is recommended to upload a compressed file (zip or rar).

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