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List of expenditures

On the tab List of Expenditure, each partner enters their expenditure for the reporting period, in the original currency.

For information about the Interreg NPA eligibility rules and the necessary supporting documents, please check the eligibility rules in the Programme Manual.

How to add an expenditure item

By clicking the + Add expenditure button, the partner can add expenditure items, one by one. When adding an expenditure item, the options columns available in the Application Form appear.

To display as many columns as possible, use the arrow in the top left corner to hide the content menu. Position the mouse in the List of Expenditure table to view the scroll bar and navigate through the tabs.

Input fields of the cost items

Select the cost category of your expenditure item from the drop-down menu. Certain fields will be deactivated if not relevant for the selected cost category.

The information inserted in the list of expenditure will be used to verify the eligibility of the expenditure declared in this report.

Input field


GDPR sensitive data

Tick the box if the corresponding row contains sensitive data. Typically the following documents contain sensitive data: employment contracts and payslips.

The Project Manager defines in the project privileges who can view sensitive data.

Cost category

Select the relevant budget line.

Contract name

This field is used to link expenditure to public procurements. This value is filled in from the procurement tab. All contract names added by the partner in the public procurement tab will appear here regardless the reporting period.

Internal reference

If applicable, please enter an internal reference number used in your
organisation e.g. from the ledger.

Invoice number

if applicable, please enter the invoice number.

Invoice date

If applicable, please enter the invoice date.

Date of payment

Please enter the date of payment, corresponding to the transaction list. The date of payment must fall within the reporting period start and end dates.


Please describe very briefly what activity the expense relates to, the salary period


Any comments for the Controller can be entered here e.g. in case only partial amounts of the total invoice are project related.

Total invoice value

Optional - Please enter the total value of the item in the original currency as per supporting documentation e.g. ledger.

VAT (skip)

This field can be skipped.

Declared amount

This is the value claimed as basis for reimbursement.

Please enter the declared value of the item in the original currency, as registered in the bookkeeping. Indicate the part that is relevant to the project, might be the full or partial total invoice amount.

Note: partners receiving programme funding as direct State Aid under the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) shall declare expenditure net of VAT that is recoverable by the partner according to the applicable national legislation.


After saving the added item, it will be possible to upload one attachment (or a compressed zip file). When a file is uploaded, the related expenditure item can't be deleted. After the attachment has been deleted, the expenditure can be deleted again.

Exchange rates

For information how exchange rates are added in the system please check: Conversion rates. If a report is in draft, exchange rates are updated constantly. Once a report is submitted, the exchange rates shall be taken from the month of submission and frozen.

How to delete an expenditure item

It is possible to delete an expenditure item as long as there are no attachments added. When a file is uploaded, the related expenditure item can't be deleted.

After the attachment has been deleted, the expenditure can be deleted again.

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