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How to create a partner report

When a partner user has the edit rights of his partner organisation within the project privileges overview, the partner can create partner reports within hisdedicated section.

Generate a report

On your dashboard, click on the Project name to enter the project on Jems.

From the Reporting menu on the left, select your partner’s acronym and click on + Add Partner Report to generate an empty partner report template.

Important to note is that the data from the last approved application form version is taken into the partner report in the moment of its creation. Ongoing modifications will have no impact on the data in existing reports.

Content of the Partner report

A partner report contains information about the work performed and about the costs incurred in a period. Eight tabs will be created at each report:

  1. Report identification: information about the reporting dates, activities and deviations from plan.

  2. Work plan progress: a description of your contribution to the activities carried out in this reporting period.

  3. List of expenditure: in this section it is possible to add the costs incurred by the partner and to be verified by a controller.

  4. Public procurement: this section contains information about procurement throughout the project lifetime.

  5. Contributions: indication of the amounts received by the partner from external contributors.

  6. Report annexes: upload area to attach supporting documents other than the evidence required in the List of expenditure.

  7. Financial overview: aggregated overview of the partner’s financial data, including information submitted in previous reports.

  8. Submit: pre-checks and submission function.

Forthcoming - Report export: in this section it will be possible to extract a pdf version of the drafted or submitted report.

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