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Each partner organisation shall insert the NPA co-financing requested and the corresponding partner contribution.

How to insert the partner co-financing

To insert a partner’s co-financing, select the relevant partner from the list in Section B of the application form menu, in the left-hand side menu. Then click on the Co-financing tab.

Please note: Complete the budget information before filling in this section.


The co-financing refers to the funding sources, i.e. ERDF or ERDF Equivalent. All amounts must be expressed in Euro.

Select the relevant co-financing source from the drop-down list:

  • ERDF for EU Member State partners and partners outside the programme area, 65% grant rate

  • ERDF_NO for Norwegian partners, 50% grant rate

  • ERDF_IS for Icelandic partners, 65% grant rate

  • ERDF_FO for Faroese partners, 65% grant rate

  • ERDF_GL for Greenlandic partners, 65% grant rate

Based on the source selected, the grant rate, grant amount and partner contribution will be automatically calculated based on the programme’s upper limit.

If necessary, it is possible to lower the grant rate by simply clicking and editing the % amount.
Please refer to the Programme Manual and Application Offline Sample for more specific information information.

Origin of partner contribution

In this section partners have to insert the source of contribution for the remaining part of the budget that is not covered by the co-financing grant. All amounts must be expressed in Euro.

The first origin of the partner contribution will be the partner organisation.

Select the legal status of the organisation contributing from the drop-down menu, i.e. public or private. Please make sure there is consistency between the legal status selected here and in the tab Identity (B.1.1 Identity).

Type the amount contributed by the partner organisation. The system will calculate if there is a difference between the amount inserted and the total contribution. In case there is a difference, a red message will appear below the table indicating the remaining amount to be assigned.

More than one source of contribution may be added. To add a new source click on “+ Add new contribution origin”, then complete following the same steps described above.

Select the “Automatic Public contribution” legal status only for amounts contributed to the project by regional or national public organisations e.g. Region Lapland (FI).

Please note: if the project budget is changed after completing the co-financing contribution, the system will notify the discrepancy only in the pre-submission checks. Remember to update this section.

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