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4. Completing an Application Form

Content of the Application Form

Within the application form there are a number of sections that must be completed for the application form to be deemed admissible. Please carefully consider all questions in the application form, discuss them within your project partnership, and jointly develop the activity plan.

Please note that all essential information about the project must be presented in the application form - only complementary information is to be given in annexes.

The Interreg NPA programme funds different types of projects: Main, Preparatory, Clustering or other Small Scale projects. The difference in scope of these projects may determine changes in their application form. These instructions are valid for all types of projects. Whenever relevant, specific instructions for types of projects other than Main will be highlighted as in the example below.


Instructions specific to Preparatory Project types will be highlighted in purple.

Use of the Application Form

The application form will first be used to evaluate your project’s contribution to the overall objectives of Interreg NPA 2021-2027, and will subsequently be used as a tool for monitoring approved projects.

Please feel free to contact the Joint Secretariat and the Regional Contact Points for further advice and assistance for preparing a proposal.

Good practices

Work offline
It is strongly recommended that the project is developed offline, and only once all data have been gathered and agreed upon by the partnership, the information is copied into Jems.

Follow the workflow
Fill in the information section by section in order, and follow the Tab order under each section. This way, you will not loose the overview of the data.

Save changes as you go along
When the user clicks in a text field on a page, the edit mode is activated and the ‘Save changes’ button appears at the bottom of the page. Save your work frequently to avoid data loss!

Changes can be saved or discarded by using the ‘Discard changes’ button. If the user leaves the page without saving, a warning message is displayed.

Be aware of expired sessions

If you have not been working on Jems for more than 8 hours, your user will be logged out without warning. However the system will not change view and you might think that the section is still active. If you are in doubt, refresh your browser before typing new data in your Application form.

All fields should be filled in
Almost all fields of the application form must be filled in. Scroll to navigate the tabs and text fields, you can also scroll within tables.

Maximum text length
Text fields allow you to type a limited number of characters, which is indicated in the Application Form offline sample and in the text boxes in Jems.

Start in good time
Start filling the application form in due time. Please be aware that the pre-submission checks must be done before you are able to submit the application form in Jems. If the checks are done near the time of the deadline, longer time might be needed to complete the checks due to the heavier use of system resources at that time.

Be specific
Do not copy similar/identical information to different fields of the application form. Such applications will be admissible (i.e., will pass the technical check), but will get lower scores during the assessment.

Overwriting data

Users working at the same time in the same project may lead to unexpected loss of data (users overwrite other users content).
For the same reason, please do not have Jems open with the same user name in multiple browser windows or tabs.

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