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Section A - Project identification

A.1 Project identification

In this section, you are requested to provide general information about the project such as acronym, duration, Priority, and Specific objective.

To input data in the system, select the text area in grey.

After selecting a text field, information about the maximum allowed text length appears beneath the grey area.

When the Programme Priority is selected from the drop-down menu, then the Specific Objectives will also appear. Tick the one that is the relevant objective for your project.

The system will warn you, in case you leave the page with unsaved changes.

A.2 Project summary

In this section, you are requested to provide general information about the project. For a more detailed guidance about content development, please consult the Application Form Offline Sample.

Please use up to 1.000 characters.

A.3 Project budget overview and A.4 Project outputs and result overview

These overview tables will be automatically generated once budgets, outputs, and results are created in section C.4 and C.5.


The Preparatory projects budget will be visible in section D. There is no overview table available in section A.3 for this type of projects. In addition, since Preparatory projects are not expected to contribute outputs and results, table A.4 has been deactivated.

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