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Report identification (small-scale projects)

When creating a report you will land automatically on the first tab called Partner report identification.

Please complete the information in this section following the instructions below.

1 - Reporting period

The project report shall cover all activities carried out throughout the entire preparatory project duration. For this reason the reporting period and project duration correspond exactly. Insert the project start date and end date in the Reporting period start and end date fields.

Select from the drop-down menu, the only reporting period available. The months indicated in this field are irrelevant to the report (e.g. Period 3, month 13-18) and can be disregarded.

2 - Highlights of main achievements

Please describe project progress up to now including specific objectives reached and main outputs delivered by highlighting also the added-value of the cooperation. The summary should highlight main achievements, be interesting and understandable for non-specialists.

In this section it is possible to give a concise description of your organisation’s contribution to the activities, outputs and deliverables delivered in this reporting period. The description should be coherent with the activities and expenses listed in other parts of this Partner Report.

3 - Partner problems and deviations

In this section it is possible to give a concise description and justification of any problems and deviations including delays from the work plan presented in the application form and the solutions found. It is possible to use this section to indicate the need for minor changes.

If applicable, please share any good greening and sustainable working practice applied by the partner organisations as a result of cooperation in this project.

4 - Target groups

In this section we would like to capture how the target group was involved in the project activities during this period, and if underrepresented groups were reached.

The Lead Partner will use this information to report on target groups reached by the project on an aggregated level. You may indicate the number reached by your organisation. Please give whole numbers only.

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