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Recordings and Tutorials

In this section, you can watch tutorial videos and recordings of previous online information events such as How to Apply and Lead Partner seminars.

Programme rules and procedures

Tutorials and videos about programme rules and procedures can be found in the Programme Manual.
Recordings and Tutorials

Applying in Jems

For applicants preparing to submit an application in Jems

🎞️ Watch the recording from the Webinar on 13th December 2023

Managing project privileges

🎞️ For Lead Partners to assign partner users in Jems - LP Webinar, 14th June 2023


🎞️ For National Controllers, a quick start video to create institutions, add controllers and assign controllers to partners. October 2023

🎞️ For Controllers, a quick start video to perform the management verification of partner reports. October 2023

Project Reporting

🎞️ - How to create and submit a Preparatory project final report - November 2023

🎞️ - An overview of what can and cannot be done in Jems - LP Webinar, 14th June 2023

🎞️ - A sneak preview on how to fill in a project report in Jems - LP Webinar, 14th June 2023

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