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6. Check and Submit

In this section, it is possible to run an automatic check of all data inserted in the Application Form, the so called Pre-submission check.

Before you can submit your application form, the pre-submission check needs to be valid. The check will provide you with an overview of missing or inconsistent data.

How to run pre-submission checks

To access this section, scroll to the bottom of the Application Form menu and select Check & Submit.

Click on “Run pre-submission check”. A list of the Application Form sections will appear:

  • if a RED icon is displayed next to a section, then data need to be added or corrected. Click on the row to expand and read more about the issues found.

  • if a GREEN icon is displayed, the data in the section are formally correct.

You must edit the content of the Application Form until the pre-submission check returns all valid results, i.e. only green icons are displayed.

After you make changes to the Application form, results do not update automatically. Run the check again to see the result of your edits.

How to submit an application

Once all pre-submission checks are valid, the button to submit the project application will become active.

It is the applicant’s responsibility that the information in the application form is accurate and true to their best knowledge.

Before submitting your application, please make sure:

  1. Obligatory annexes are signed and attached to the application form, i.e. Lead Partner and Partner statements.

  2. The application package is in the required language, English.

  3. All amounts in the Application Form are expressed in Euro.

  4. All applicable sections of the application form are correctly filled in.

  5. Information presented in the application form and in the annexes is consistent and correct according to the Programme Manual and Terms of Reference.

Once a project application has been submitted, it will no longer be possible to modify it.

To submit the application, click on “Submit project application”. If the call deadline has passed, i.e. the call is closed, the submit function will not be active and it will no longer be possible to submit an application.

Applications must be submitted by 12:00 noon of the last day of the call. All call deadlines are indicated in Copenhagen time (CET).
Please take time zone differences into account.

How to know that your application has been submitted

Applications can only be received before call closure. After call closure, the submission function will become inactive. The first confirmation that your application has been submitted, is that it was actually possible to do so.

In addition, the status of the application form will change from “Draft” to “Submitted”.

This is visible from the Dashboard, or clicking on “Project Overview” at the top of the Application Form menu. The submission date will appear next to the project status.


The submission process of preparatory projects goes through a 2-steps process. First, the Application Form is submitted with a real cost budget, i.e. 1st step submission. Approved projects proceed to the 2nd step, where the Lump sum cost function will be enabled. This process will be handled by the Joint Secretariat.

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